Thu. Mar 21st, 2019


Who Is La Resa Edwards?

Humanity's Only Peacemaker Leader

Single Mother of  3 


"if your so-called teacher cannot explain Spirituality (Metaphysicality); your teacher is GOD Disconnected. likewise, if your leader cannot explain Reality (Physicality); your leader is GOD Disconnected. as Humanity's Only Rightful or Spiritual Leader, i declare. if it's disconnected; it's qualified to neither teach nor lead."

La Resa Edwards - THE MESSIAH

$110,000,000 USD remain on this UNCHANGING Circumstance​

long after she leavesquestions remain. so let's nip this in the bud; Right now. holding Physical Ascension Evidence, La Resa Edwards is proven as GOD's closest human companion. this Evidence also proves she is MESSIAH; GOD's General; Dominion Holder, protector over all Blueprint Earth; GOD's Only Legal Representative; Fountain of Youth Discoverer and much more.

because Puny Human is Number Based on 0 & 1 and Superior Human is Number Based on 0, 1 & 2; nothing will solidify prophecy greater than Metaphysical Evidence. so Omnipotent GOD Specifically Designed HIS first Born Child to enter HIS most physical dimension through Brooklyn, New York in earthyear seven zero and nineteen hundred, 12/10 @ ~8:30 a.m.. In 42 earthyears, she Metaphysically enters GOD's Future through Atlanta, Georgia; 12212012. 20 earthmonths past then, she  Physically Ascends; 08/21.

(See @BSSplitter on Twitter, YouTube: La Resa Edwards: Divine Order, Begin @ day 00. Adult Only)

her obvious Divine Task is to Properly Bind Satan's Minion. it is imperative every Citizen Number Comprehend that all paths outside God's Future lead to Rapid Death. and Divine Order is The Only POSSIBLE Way.

in other words, THE POSSIBILITY of satan's limited future yielding GOD's unlimited future is 0%. keep in Mind, under no Number Reason does THE MESSIAH GUARANTEE yesterday's average Hopelessly Lost Citizen Mental or Physical Safety. she in Fact frequents yesterday to Find & Properly Train GOD's other Children (Chosen). so for GOD's Number Reason, HIS Chosen remains THE MESSIAH's target population.


"I Declare Holy War against any minion of punk ASS satan! And my presidential candidacy represents GOD's Hostile Peacemaker Takeover. by the way, any fool [still] believing Holy War is physical remains Hopelessly Lost. The Only Way trump or anyone else remains in Leadership is by providing written proof yesterday is greater than tomorrow!"

La Resa Edwards - THE MESSIAH

$110,000,000 USD remain on this UNCHANGING Circumstance​

yesterday's average Hopelessly Lost Citizen, be Legally advised. Widespread Mental Retardation forces trump and all other struggling minions to keep circumventing that which cannot be Physically Sensed. and i've got news for you. a Diagnosis of GOD Disconnection doesn't mean GOD doesn't Exist. with that being said, for your own well being, Mandatory Submission to Peacemaker Leadership is NONNEGOTIABLE. no governing individual, group or entity is excluded. period!!

La Resa GUARANTEES Omnipotent Circumvention Is IMPOSSIBLE