Covid – 19

if new to my site; i suggest reading S.P.H.W. and White Supremacy In America first. these two short articles introduce Metaphysicality & Spirituality. 

like all PANDEMICS; Covid 19 is a Worldwide Natural Disaster. just about every country is socioeconomically afflicted. however, most 'correctly reporting' countries manage to keep their Rapid Death or Exponential Physical Time Decrease (XPXD) Numbers relatively low. one country reporting the highest XPXD is, of course, the United States. Clearly identifying it as today's most TIME Challenged Country.

i wish there was an easy way to illuminate the unseen. meaning; without Physical Property, Metaphysicalities like TIME and Spirituality have to be Sensed! since me Sensing for anyone else is IMPOSSIBLE; the question remains. how does one get others to Conceive?

i Accept WA that Metaphysicality is a new discovery. so i shouldn't get angry with People for having underdeveloped Brains. Clearly, Blueprint Earth has never recorded a TIME of widespread foresight amongst humans. it's just that foresight renders hindsight obsolete. so you'll have to excuse my disdain for People who settle for hindsight. 

in an effort to enhance everyone's Sensory Perception; here are a few Facts every Person should know. one, every omega has an alpha. Metaphysicality is always alpha. Physicality is always omega. and last but not least, both Life & Death are omegas.

yes, like Death; Life or Exponential Physical Time Increase (XPXI) too is a plausible omega. but, Inactive Sensory Organs renders most People remain too dense to Perceive time increase; let alone alphas like happiness and compassion. 

AM I saying XPXI is valuable? let me put it this way. if the U.S. Recognized TIME Properly; most who've succumbed to Covid 19 or otherwise would still be alive. furthermore, no one else would waste precious time. so Earth's poorest nation faces a very sad truth. 

to be Clear, Metaphysical Disease prevents all Americans from Recognizing TIME. given Humanity's connection to XPXD; Metaphysical Disease dates BACK to Humanity's first record. obviously, i not only Sense Metaphysicality but Physicality; too. so i'll be explaining exactly what's happening; why it's happening and what happens next.

let's begin. the Constitution begets Rapid Death. as America's physical alpha, the Constitution has encouraged both Leaders and Citizens to Ignore Reality or Improperly Recognize TIME. the only difference is Citizens rely on leaders for damn near everything! and they die 10 times quicker! 

without Proper TIME Recognition, essential self-generated thought processes never develop. so, Metaphysical Organs, like Spirituality & ESP, atrophy. to Conceptualize how Metaphysical Inactivity weakens the Brain simply relate how Physical Inactivity weakens the body. to be Clear, the Real reason America suffers is not due to novel PANDEMIC Covid 19. it's due to long-term PANDEMIC Improper TIME Recognition.


no matter how many degrees you hold!

as a reminder, the Reason OMNIPOTENCE dominates Human is because all Mortals must Comprehend UNCHANGE in order to Ascend. remember, like Death; Everlasting Life or Exponential Physical Time Increase (XPXI) is an omega. of a Healthy Spirit; which, we all now Clearly see is needed to avoid Rapid Death.

alone, Covid 19 Statistics prove BRD that most of America is Reality Ignorant.  with each country considered Equal Under GOD and Covid 19's indiscriminate functionality; Reasonably Simple Deduction Evidences those with Weakened Metaphysical Immunity is the alpha succumbs.

currently, the Coronavirus Death toll in the U.S. stands at 88,000+. and that's just Covid 19! you is protected by GOD. be covid 19 related.


and as predicted; Hopelessly Lost Leader Disobedience has timeplaced every Person in imminent danger. make no mistake about it. those feeling healthy are not immune. Covid 19 mutates at an *accelerated rate.

regardless, Basic Human Needs must be provided for those who cannot provide for themselves.  

without the Mental Capacity to Sense or Perceive, the Clearly Mind & Spirit Diseased Government is liable for Domestic Rapid Death. it's imperative that U.S. legislators Comprehend that due to Irresponsibility, the U.S. is also liable for International Pain & Suffering; as well.


that's Right. Undiagnosed Spirit Diseases plagues over 96% of America's healthy Population. how do you know it's Spirit Disease and not Covid 19 that's killing People? that's easy! with America opening BACK up; all the other Mostly Negative Circumstances; like kidnapping and murder will increase America's Rapid Death Numbers significantly. even worse, Covid 19 is now killing children (America's future).

let's not forget America's already handicapped socioeconomic system that's failing to provide PANDEMIC  survivors their most Basic Human Needs.

i've said it a million Times. and, i'm going to keep saying it. Reality Ignorance is a Disease of the Mind much like Covid 19 is Disease of the Body. and any leader who Ignores Reality is Clearly Mentally Retarded.   



if barack obama had heeded GOD'S Word BACK in 2012; the u.s. could have spent the past 8 years moving People out of nonessential or Unneeded Areas to essential or Needed Areas. a Needed Area is a socioeconomic zone where most People work diligently contributing to Human Needs on a daily basis. fyi, Basic Human Needs include but is not limited to TIME; Air; Water; Food; Shelter; Brain Potential; etc. now equipped with homes built to withstand most catastrophe; each Person  city store food; build bunkers and learn cooperative skills. notice GOD'S Proper Preparedness Plan has nothing to do with money!

i predicted Physical PANDEMIC as predicted, Mentally Retarded Leaders wasted precious time Improperly Preparing for a most costly Existence. not because america's economy fails but because her People. 

Preparation means before disaster strikes! this is because someone has to have the ability to know or predict the future. to Proper the only way to Number Comprehend; i've been trying to get the United States Properly Prepared for about 8 earthyears; now

*confirmed prediction

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