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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Are You Running For President?

first off, i would like to go on record saying i’ve never had a will of my own like most other boys and girls. from birth, i serve God’s Will only. when Father gives me infallible instruction, like take over Yesterday’s World, i instinctively obey. think of me as God’s unconditionally-love-sick puppet. infatuated, i remain ready to please my master. one thing He loves is speaking. [so] i am His ear. as one can imagine, He never sleeps. [and] He never stops speaking; lol. so God’s instruction remains simple. “la resa, a Peacemaker Leader continuously qualifies for leadership. and in order to qualify, you must first Physically Ascend.” Human Instinct forced me to get started (submit) early. now, after significant time in proper training, I AM truly humanity’s only Rightful Leader. see Physical Ascension Evidence @bssplitter on Twitter and Instagram 

Why 2012 And Not 2020?

earthyear 2012 Is arguably Humanity’s most remarkable moment In recorded history; when the Mayan Metaphysicaland Egyptian Physical calendars collide into Reality; each yielding a major time phenomenon that redirects exactly how future history is hereby recorded. as far as physical time is concerned, +51% of earthyear 2012 YWX is 0704. on this day, yesterday’s physical time (A.D.) ends, and tomorrow’s physical time (yet to be determined) begins, day 000000 TWX. in the Metaphysical spectrum, +96% of earthyear 2012 represents a divine Metaphysical time change ending and restarting on 1221. at Metaphysical day 000000 TWX, The Messiah Is. and because yesterday ended in Reality, further recording of a future yesterday, as in earthyear 2020, is complete timewaste

How Do You Feel About Donald?

donald is a devil worshipping white supremacist. his ugly, rat-faced wife and children are white supremacists. his dead granny and gramps are also white supremacists. honestly, i can’t stand the sight of donald dump. look at him. he ages rapidly, is highly unattractive and scheduled to soon meet Rapid & Eternal Death. therefore,  i don’t feel anything for a stupid ASS cracka who, in Reality is nothing greater than a dead man walking. besides, i’ve already proven Great God is Real. so, if God is Real, exactly what reason exists to continue supporting/ protecting worthless donald and his ugly family?

What Do You Think Your Chances Of Winning Are?

unfortunately, yesterday’s average american adult suffers from Decreased Brain Potential, which leaves most adults completely incapable of Simple Fact Acceptance.  an adult suffering from DBP has absolutely no idea as to what Reality is. God calls this individual a Stupid or God Disconnected Puny Human. try this test to easily deduct who amongst your loved ones have DBP. all you have to do is ask, “hey friend or relative, which do you think should be legal compensation for diligent work, money or time?” if it says money, you gotta SPH! still not convinced? try again. this time replace money/ time with desire/ need; artificial/ natural or war/ peace. the God Connected individual soon surmises that it doesn’t matter which Mostly Negative Circumstance (->C) is used. retarded people cannot distinct the difference between positive and negative. therefore to answer the question, the chance of me taking over yesterday’s SPH Reality is 96:4

How Do You Feel About America’s Social Condition?

2018 YWX reveals that, instead of representing the one true path to God’s Future, the American Way was always ASS Backward in Reality. for, america’s entire socioeconomic infrastructure is meticulously supported by time decreasing Mostly Negative Circumstances like crime and hate. now, if one was in one’s Right Mind, would one need The Messiah to confirm that crime and hate is mostly negative? while you’ve got your thinking cap on, also try figuring out exactly why only Right Minds comprehend that, without Mostly Negative Circumstance, america’s entire socioeconomic infrastructure exists for absolutely no Real Reason. in case of wonder, know that God timeplaces daily purpose as a living organism’s simplest form of reason. seeking to possibly Qualify for Ascension? that’s easy. just increase your purpose from daily to hourly, minutely or secondly. but, oh damn. i almost forgot. you support ASS Backward leadership. don’t you? so instead of Immortality, you’ll die for absolutely no Real Reason. won’t you?

Exactly How Does La Resa Edwards Change America?

with la resa edwards as president, Peacemaker Training is mandatory for every american citizen. Peacemaker Training is a lifelong mental & physical regimen specifically designed to rapidly develop human instinct. keep in mind. without instinct, the human host dies. if you want an idea of what highly developed human instinct can be, simply magnify dolphin capability by 1000. yes. by now, human instinct should be evolved to the point of average citizen telekinesis. instead, we are a nation of brain dead SPH supported by a worldwide web of God Disconnected Rapid & Eternal Death. if yesterday’s average SPH knows what i know, it would die fighting to rid america of yesterday

support La Resa – Peacemaker for President

What Can Americans Expect With You As President?

unlike yesterday’s average Clinically Retarded leader, my main objective of achieving and maintaining World Peace remains unchanged. because I AM Humanity’s only Rightful Leader, I AM the only one guaranteeing World Peace is impossible without first developing a population when most people have High Human Instinct. so the first thing americans can expect is mandatory Peacemaker Training.  other objectives on the Peacemaker agenda is turning yesterday’s burden compounding america into tomorrow’s first non-burden compounding Peacemaker Territory. because Clinically Retarded leaders control this nation, the only way to achieve this miracle in record time is with an immediate hostile take over of Yesterday’s America. with God timeplaced [back] in the All Powerful position, nonPM citizens dwelling in the Peacemaker Territory formally known as Yesterday’s America is promised a 96% decrease in Police Brutality; IBP for all; nationwide law unification; marijuana legalization; no GMO; 96% decrease in useless govt spending; replace Satan’s US Constitution with God’s Principles of Peace; 96% increase in Accelerated Elemental Force Exchange Preparedness; free Home Replacement for AEFE Victims; free 5 Star accommodation for qualifying PM citizens; 96% decrease in yesterday’s homeless population; all-city beautification & transparency; 96% decrease in unemployment; end all War; 96% decrease in domestic & foreign terrorism; divorce, disease, rape, poverty, frivolous matter, hate, innocent harm, etc. as you can see, yesterday’s average hopelessly lost leader is no Real comparison to  la resa The Righful. so, if you truly desire to see america great for the very first time, you tell me who you think should be president

If You Could Describe Yourself In One Word, What Would It Be?

some people find my arrogance offensive. therefore, this piece may sound haughty. however, i assure you. my brashness is specifically designed to help. now, the best word to describe me is Peacemaker Leader. Peacemaker because I AM properly trained. leader because I AM the only one with Physical Ascension Evidence. for your information, Physical Ascension evidences Real Timespace travel, which can only be accomplished by God’s permission. and according to God’s Word, as long as i produce evidence, i remain most qualified to lead. I’ve been Ascending in Reality for so long. i provide continuous evidence just about every day, live online. and i guarantee no other political leader can shine my shoes. feel free to research as far back as 07042012 YWX. from 07/2012 – 01/2015  YWX @BSSplitteron Twitter is when you can find my timed & recorded exclusive interview with God, including Realtime and future predictions. called Divine Order, this 500 earthday long dictation reveals God’s Information is so Infinitely extensive. it represents 500 physical earthyears into God’s Future. if you are like most people preferring video to literature, search YouTube for La Resa Edwards, Divine Order, Day 00-015. just so you know, the information contained within the Divine Order series is written completely independent of yesterday’s religious record, statistic or philosophy. however, a few of yesterday’s tools are used to help improve tomorrow’s literature 00) Webster’s dictionary (spelling & definition) 01) Microsoft’s Word Perfect Program (grammar) 02) Google (miscellaneous info and statistic). be sure to visit @bssplitter on Instagram and la resa edwards on LinkedIn. if you wish to purchase a hard copy of vol. 0, contact me at $1000 USD. vol. 01 is being released as an unedited manuscript $100 USD. i say all this to let Yesterday’s World know. I AM The Messiah. and I AM here to convey God’s very explicit instruction. surrender america or die!

Who Is Your Favorite President?

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