Fri. Feb 22nd, 2019

Mental Retardation

before we can discuss Mental Retardation in detail; we must Comprehend exactly what a Mentality is. A Mentality is Controllable Mind or Metaphysical Brain Function (MBF). and though Metaphysical in Nature, Mentalities are More Physical than Spiritualities; which are mostly Metaphysical in Nature.   


exactly whom to blame for Mental Retardation & GOD Disconnection when Human Instinct hasn't Evolved past Low Level (LLHI) for over one million earthyears? if Most People were not Diseased Metaphysically; we could engage in a conversation about how Fact Acceptance (FA) Cures Mental Retardation; and how a Mandatory Fact Acceptance Oath should be required of all Citizens.

The Only Reason we need to live in a timeplace when all people Accept all Simple Facts from the beginning is because all Mortals need significant time in order to Develop High and Superior Human Instinct. and THE MESSIAH GUARANTEES Superior Instinct is needed to Evolve Immortal.

ah yes, Evolution Really means TIME in Physicality. how are you going to do that without TIME?


In Reality, over 96% of all low instinct holding Americans believe dying is definite and live each day preparing for an inevitable physical death. I've even heard many people say, "I don't want to  live forever." Well, how do you know? Have you ever tried? How can you look forward to living when all you know for fact is death?

Just so you know, a Simple Fact is an unchanging circumstance, like no matter what, positive is always greater than negative. Therefore, Number Comprehend. Whenever you come across an unchanging circumstance, you are in the presence of highly specific Omnipotent Programming. 



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