Mental Retardation

Decreased Brain Potential

Unfit Leader

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Unstable Economy

Pollution & Nuclear Threat

Costly Human Misbehavior

Natural Habitat Exploitation

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Uncontrolled Substance Abuse



God’s Future

Mental Stability

Increased Brain Potential

Rightful Leader

Peace & Prosperity

Natural & Wholesome Food

Global Cooperation

​Clean Energy & Time Increase

Community Enhancing Self Control

Natural Habitat Preservation

​The Principles of Peace

Legalize Weed Responsibly

The Only Political Leader Campaigning In God’s Name

The Peacemaker Agenda is simple. Destroy Yesterday’s America and timeplace God back in His All Powerful Position. Any Stupid Puny Human opposed to God’s Tomorrow First program is hereby extended an Eternal invitation to prove God, thus tomorrow is nothing Real. Until then, I AM humanity’s only Rightful Leader. As such, I AM afraid I must insist all God Disconnected people submit to Omnipotent God under Divine Order, Right now.

Number Comprehend. Though you truly believe in free will, mandatory God Submission is for your own good. Trust when I say, free will is nothing but illusion. For, if God Circumvention held possibility, I would have calculated it long ago. Please, allow me to tell you exactly what this means. This means, without God’s Mercy, you are sure to meet Rapid & Eternal Death.

Hopefully, it becomes clear. Serving God under His specific design is the only possible way to receive permission to Timespace Travel. Natural Timespace Travel ability gives the God Connected human host multidimensional foresight that allows it to easily avoid Rapid Death.

The ability to avoid Rapid Death gives you the opportunity to see past puny human time; which is exactly why I find it ridiculous having to prove that, although yesterday’s time zone is significant, tomorrow far outweighs yesterday. And because I AM just getting here, I want to know why most people choose to die before knowing the Eternal Reality God has in store for those who qualify.

Yes, my friend, Physical Ascension is not only possible, but Realistic once you Number Comprehend that given time, the Human Brainbody Machine is specifically designed to self-perpetuate in greater than one dimension. Therefore, consider it matter of life and death that you make the life preserving commitment to no longer support / participate in precious time decreasing circumstance; no matter what that precious time decreasing circumstance is.

I’ve been working for God for over 6 earthyearsnow. And I still cannot comprehend why most people remain lost. Don’t get me wrong. I do understand Stupid Puny Human Weakness. So I get widespread artificiality; Rapid Advancement; Uncontrolled Unprotected Sex and Senseless Violence. But what I don’t get is SPH desire to face Eternity from the not Right Side of Reality.

I mean, let’s be honest. Due to the content of God’s Information, you have no choice but to use your brain at this timepoint. So ask yourself, why does serving Satan feel so good? Is it possible Satanic Programming is Desire Based? If so, does Satanic Programming increase or decrease precious time? If Satanic Programming is always going to decrease precious time, is it possible God is Real? And if God is Real, is it possible He set you up from the beginning?

Yes, my friend, Omnipotent God is Author of Physical Existence. What does this mean? This means, no matter how great you believe you are, you are nothing but God’s predetermined creation (desire) in Reality. Do you comprehend? He is creator of everything Real, including desire. Not you. You couldn’t create, if your stupid ASS life depended on it. Matter fact, The Messiah has to come and teach you that there is no such thing as free will; that in Reality, each and every living and nonliving organism is a puppet on God’s string; that all He ever has to do is Will His desired end result and elemental cooperation chemically reacts the balance to ground zero.

If you don’t take anything else from our time together, take this 00) the chance of God controlling each and every SPH is 96% 01) coincidence is impossible 02) ignoring truth doesn’t mean truth is gone 03) not one single human can alter God’s specifically designed Reality, which ends long before Blueprint Earth forms.

Now you comprehend exactly why absolutely do not respect Satan’s punk ASS minion, who, in Reality, is nothing but chemically composed timewaste created to appease God’s very cruel side. If only a way to get hopelessly lost humans to step outside Reality existed. Then people would be able to comprehend that Omnipotent God creates and enjoys limited (Rapid Death) and unlimited(Everlasting Life) Reality.

As usual, I leave yesterday’s spiritually bankrupt & ASS backward world when rapid time decreasers (murderers) are rewarded with multiple millionswhile The Messiah is rewarded exactly $25 from public donation after earthyears of free precious time increasing service. I’ll tell you what this means to you. This means, if you don’t Number Comprehend by now, you are over 5 physical earthyears behind one who does. By the way, the further behind in time, the closer to Eternal Death. 

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