You’re Going Extinct

  Exactly What Is The Meaning of Life?


i know. as an artist, I AM cursed with a painful disposition only People with Increased Brain Potential can appreciate. but no matter which of your Brain Sides dominate; always​ Remember. my Real goal is getting you to Number Comprehend / Calculate.

you'll hear me say; Accept all Facts. this is because Facts are the fastest way through Reality. let's start with the Creation GOD is PROBABLY most proud of; Living Consciousness. have you ever thought about exactly what Life means? and though its one true meaning be Confusing; one thing is Inherently Clear.

no Matter who or what; nothing Lives without TIME!

no breath no life

I AM Mindboggled because TIME is sum no Person can breathe without. yet; TIME is the most Miscomprehended Reality in Existence. in Fact, Improper TIME Recognition is exactly why Puny Humans Die.

decreasing time faster is the Fact money (Artificiality) is cultivated under the U.S. Constitution. and TIME (Existence Factor) is not even Considered! i mean. exactly how Intelligent does one have to be to Comprehend all Mortals need TIME? last i checked; Life ends in seconds. yet People live [can] without money; forever. you see; in Reality, over 96+% of the entire Planet is Really bat shit crazy!

how Self Defeating (Uncivilized) is it to leave need Uncultivated? in other words, those continuing to waste precious time cultivating money Faces EXTINCTION!

Praise GOD!


by The Way, for Clarity, TIME & Space (Timespace) hold Significant Difference. GOD Created TIME. HE did not Create Timespace. that's Right! GOD did not Create The Unlimited Area; also known as The Zero Dimension. and what yesterday's average Stupid Puny Scientist calls Dark Matter is Really Zero Matter. trust when i say. they have absolutely no idea as to exactly what they are doing.

we will get more into Zero Matter; tomorrow 



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