Who is La Resa Edwards?

   Humanity's Only Peacemaker Leader

                 Single Mother of  3 


"if your teacher cannot explain Spirituality or Metaphysicality; your teacher is GOD Disconnected. likewise, if your leader cannot explain Reality or Physicality; your leader is GOD Disconnected. as Humanity's Only Rightful Leader, I GUARANTEE. if it's disconnected; it's qualified to neither teach nor lead!"

La Resa Edwards - THE MESSIAH

$110,000,000 USD remain on UNCHANGING Circumstance​


long after i leave; questions remain. so let's nip this in the bud; Right now. i hold ongoing or Continuous Physical Ascension Evidence. this means I AM GOD'S closest human companion. I AM also HIS General; Only Legal Representative; THE MESSIAH; Dominion Holder; protector over all Blueprint Earth; Fountain of Youth Discoverer and more. My Primary Task Is to prevent Human Extinction and foreverestablish HEAVEN / Peace on Earth; which I Promise can be done in ten earthyears or less!

as you get to Know GOD, you will Find two things. yesterday is Number Based on 0; 1. and tomorrow is Number Based on 0; 1; 2. and, since nothing solidifies Reality like ancient prophecy; I, GOD'S First OFFSPRING, enter Physicality in earthyear seven zero and nineteen hundred on 12/10 @ ~08:30. In 42 earthyears, i entered GOD'S Future on 12212012. 20 earthmonths past, I Physically Ascend (08/21).

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