Fri. Feb 22nd, 2019

What is Spirit Retardation?

it's been about 7 earthyears since I Discovered Severe Mental Retardation (SMR). and don't ever get it twisted. though SMR has officially downgraded from Humanity's Greatest Threat; it still Remains a Human Extinct Factor (HXF).

unfortunately, my most recent discovery proves to be an even Greater Threat. you see. SMR is a Metaphysical Brain Malfunction (MBM) stemming from Mind or Mental Disease (MD). Severe Spirit Retardation (SSR) is a Metaphysiological Brain Malfunction (MgBM) stemming from Spirit or Spiritual Disease (SD).

keep in Mind; I AM The Most Intelligent Human to ever walk Blueprint Earth. this means; if i didn't Evolve; Metaphysicality would remain undiscovered. and Humanity would go Extinct!

multiple Brain Functions work together to ensure brainbody integrity. there's Physical Brain Function (PBF) like breathing and chewing; Physiological Brain Function (PgBF) like logic & memory; Metaphysical Brain Function (MBF) like Instinct and Telepathy and Metaphysiological Brain Function (MgBF) like Spirituality and Immortality. Mortals are very adept in most PBFs. however PgBF, MBF and MgBF are Metaphysicalities People know very little about.

there are countless Metaphysical and Metaphysiological Brain Malfunctions. and unless Highly Trained, it's difficult to decipher between them. however MBMs like White Supremacy result from a Metaphysiological Brain Disease (MgBD) likely stemming from Negatively Evolved Genetic Traits passed from Demon Parents.

Number Comprehend. in order to POSSIBLY be Supreme; one must have Physical Ascension Evidence! before Physical Ascension is POSSIBLE; one will have GOD'S stamp of approval. and as MESSIAH, I GUARANTEE. no Spirit Disease Carrier is healthy enough to get HIS Attention; let alone approval.

for GOD'S Future Record, Supreme Beings do not die. so The Fact that all White People Die means not one White Person is or ever been Supreme. in Fact, White People Age fastest of all Humans. The Fact America's entire Socioeconomic Infrastructure is Mostly Negative proves White Supremacy was never anything Greater Than The Viciously Malignant Imagination of People with extremely Low Level Human Instinct! Praise GOD!

 GOD'S Future Information is soon available for paid members only.



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