Every Knee Bows

my biggest PROBLEM with Hopelessly Lost Mortals (Stupid Puny Humans) is by far Reality Ignorance. i mean; it's incredible how; with only one Life to live, they actually move as if they ain't vulnerable to the one thing no Mortal controls. even worse, they spend their sliver of TIME Moving BACKWARD (dying rapidly).

why would a dying Person spend TIME doing anything other than producing more TIME? face it. only a Malfunctioning Organism chooses Rapid Death. and how much hope could this Malfunctioning Organism POSSIBLY Conceive when its very own leaders encourage it to die in the first timeplace?

how do you know for Fact that GOD Created (Willed) every Human Brain to be mostly dormant until now? that's easy! simply accept the Fact that everyone suffers from Severe Mental Retardation. how do you know for Fact that 96+% of the entire Human Population is completely bat shit crazy? that's easy! simply accept that all Humans need fresh air. yet; there is no such thing fresh air! AND there is no future or Real Fresh Air Plan!

guess what? Fresh Air is not the Hopelessly Lost Mortal's only need; either! there is Clean Water; Wholesome Food; Adequate Shelter & Clothing; Love Cultivation; Activity and GOD Connection! none of which are discussed by Trusted Leaders; let alone Properly Handled. now you know exactly why I AM a Real bitch! i absolutely hate that I AM Humanity's only Sane Adult. and, as much as i'd like to loathe each and every one of them; i know GOD Created Reality. 

so why would GOD Force Pain & Suffering onto Humanity then turn the clock to 11:59?    

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