BACKWARD Progress (->)

Parting The Red 'C'


before Moving FORWARD; i'd like to Clear sum up. if my conversation sounds "peculiar;" it's because i speak a dialect that combines GOD'S Unlimited or Number Language with Humanity's limited or Word Language. basically, i receive HIS Messages. break them down into Simplest Form. then translate them into English. so, if i sound cryptic; it's because you're hearing a bunch of Numbers. 

i'll let you in on an Unknown Fact. the only reason Humans have difficulty hearing GOD [all this TIME] is because essential Metaphysical Sensing underdeveloped Metaphysical Sense is dormant by adulthood. my job is to help People Activate dormant Senses. let's see what GOD'S has to say about America's Socioeconomic Condition. let's begin by Accepting WA that every omega is either BACKWARD (limited) or FORWARD (Unlimited). if one word could sum up America's Socioeconomic Progress; that one word would be BACKWARD. fyi; another word for BACKWARD Progress is debt. so 

so if you wonder why so many Americans die in Pain & Suffering; it's because Social Conditions are directly tied to a nation's economic progress.

a disturbing Fact plaguing Yesterday's America is BACKWARD Progression. more disturbing is the Fact America has been progressing BACKWARD for significant time. the most disturbing Fact is America's 96+% Citizen Complacency with American BACKWARDNESS. this means over 96% of the American Population is completely satisfied with America's Socioeconomic . before getting into the Red Numbers we familiar with; let's familiarize ourselves with sum less Popular Numbers.  

i mean; we all know the United States has an irreparable deficit. and it's growing backward Exponentially. 

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