my friend, when it comes to Reality, the time to leave yesterday is always [from the beginning]. let’s stop Right here. believe it or not, circumstance with the simplest property is most difficult for Decreased Brain Potential holder to Number Comprehend. take always for example.

always represents the unchanging circumstance in Reality to at least 96%and no Stupid Puny Human has the power to change Reality. being that I AM obviously the most intelligent human to ever walk Blueprint Earth, i discovered; no way around the unchanging circumstance is Real. it was that timepoint when i immediately knew. Omnipotence has always been

​in case you have DBP and believe a physical end result of always can be governed by possibility or limitation, allow me to “make it plain.” the unchanging circumstance is definite because unchange is specific. and specific is unlimited number supported (Infinite). therefore always separates limited from unlimited.

if always holds unlimited number ​supportchange or not always​ holds limited number support​. this means, without alwaysno one can depend on the [rapidly] changing circumstance to represent the one Path to God’s Future ​in Reality. if you struggle with Infinite Calculation, try figuring out exactly why circumstances with a ground zero of limitation always​ lead to the need for more limitation.

the fact america’s great many limitations receive widespread public support obviously means most americans are Mentally Retarded. anyone with half a brain would question exactly why limitation was ever an option from the beginning.

it’s mindboggling how no one calculates (sees) mostly limited on their ownyet Reality reveals, Self Generated Calculative Ability should be relatively easy by now; especially if the host is black. by the way, the fact Black DNA is the original, thus oldest human genome in existence and​ dwells at the bottom of most socioeconomic ladders is clear physical evidence of long-term DBP.