Catastrophe (continued)

Accelerated Elemental Force Exchange

i hope it makes sense that now is time to prioritize moving this nation forward. in order to achieve forward from tremendous loss, money has got to be removed from america's daily purpose. 100,000+ fulltime able volunteers will need highly specific coordination to rebuild cities that are Properly Prepared for tomorrow. take my word for it. the cost for ignoring this project is too great for worthless money. for God's sake, do not 'get back to business as usual!'

in Gods's Future, a day greater than yesterday always exists. so, with no disrespect to yesterday's lost life, there's no need to look back. simply look forward to being better prepared next time (evolve). amen.

before Moving Forward, i'd like to go on God's Future Record by saying to the citizens of Yesterday's America; Humanity's Rightful Leader puts time before money. so, for the past 8+earthyears, i sacrifice my precious time voluntarily teaching yesterday's average american leader how to Properly Protect Americans from Mostly Negative Circumstances (->C); like AEFE.

Accelerated Elemental Force Exchange is The Worldwide Negative Effect of Natural Resource Exploitation & Improperly Mass Produced Manmade Products over significant time. know for fact that AEFE began back when the first Natural Resource was exploited.

the only problem with Natural Resource Exploitation is the Exponential Time Decrease that comes with it. the fact yesterday's average american supports 24/7 Natural Resource Exploitation is clear Metaphysical Evidence of long-term Nationwide God Disconnection.

Metaphysical God Disconnection (MGD) ensures the human host will remain physically incapable of seeing through Infinity (future prediction). because Infinity holds mostly Metaphysical Property, not being able to see the future in great distance is one thing. not being able to see Reality [Right now] is sumthing else.

to not be able to physically see what is clearly in front of your face means; you is not only Metaphysically God Disconnected; but Physically God Disconnected (PGD), as well. without Physical God Connection (PGC), the host has no natural Instinct. without Instinct, the host hasn't the sense to avoid Rapid Death.

judging by andrew, katrina, sandy, harvey, irma and maria, it's safe to simply deduct; God Disconnected american citizens remain in danger. if citizen is endangered and Improperly Protected, leader is unfit.

take barack obama for example. i offered him the opportunity to begin Properly Preparing Yesterday's God Disconnected America back in 2012. he Publicly Refused. but had he not, Negative Effects stemming from most of america's ->C would be sharply reduced by now.

wake up, america! your leaders have always been severely God Disconnected. and if God Disconnection is the best america's got, it's no wonder all americans die in pain & suffering! listen to me very carefully. Ignoring Reality does nothing but ensure americans will be Improperly Protected when eventually comes. and eventually always comes! capeesh!?

believe when i say; if american leaders had an ounce of sense, america would already be under Proper Protection (God's Divine Order). under God, potential AEFE Victim packs up and temporarily / permanently moves someplace fancy at a relatively low cost to fellow americans 'before impact.' instead, under America's Improper Protection, rescue workers and 'after impact' help is neededkeep in mind. help after impact disrupts more lives and costs more.

just so you know, barack is way more intelligent than donald. so america's Improperly Protected status could never be only donald's fault. believe w​hen i say; donald is so Mentally Retarded that if yesterday was tomorrow, he's a pet with a chain around his neck.

so for God's Future Record, was it not for God Disconnection; the neighbors we lost to AEFE since​ 2012 would still be alive. and even if by sum unfortunate chance, harm or death was to befall a Properly Protected fellow american, free high quality Mental & Physical medical attention is provided; forever​.

but Yesterday's America isn't under God. is it? it's under the u.s. constitution where money comes before​ everything. matter fact, and correct me if I AM not Right; but the u.s. government actually mandates its separation from God. so, as an Improperly Protected Model Citizen (Peacemaker) under the u.s. constitution, i have to fund my own AEFE displacement. furthermore, if i cannot avoid Rapid Death or afford to place myself in high quality; all​ i can hope to expect is a death certificate; a small spot in an uncomfortable shelter and a cold sandwich; maybe!

you gotta be kidding me! let me be the first Presidential Candidate to guarantee that; although yesterday and tomorrow Exist in the same area; yesterday and tomorrow are completely different timezones. for example, subpar accommodations for Yesterday's Average American displaced by AEFE or other 'Acts of God' is perfectly legal; yesterday. however, subpar accommodation for Tomorrow's Average Model Citizen is illegal!

one of the hardest things for Improperly Protected People to do is accept that America's firm timeplacement in yesterday. and, the government's poor spirituality leaves U.S. Citizens to face a rise in Natural Catastrophe without foresight! therefore, keeping in mind what awaits if they're displaced; begin making their own preparations for Proper Self Protection!

Is Proper Self-Protection Possible?

as america's first Immortal Model Citizen, I AM living proof that Proper Protection without the government is possible. however, Proper Protection without God is Impossible! therefore, living free without God means certain death. let's stop Right here.

I AM curious as to exactly why you perceive the government as more powerful than God. "i don't think the government is more powerful than God! i go to Sunday worship. and i pray." shut your Stupid ASS mouth. and save your Stupidity for your Mentally Retarded friends. every red blooded capitalist worships money. and money controls the u.s. government.

if you don't worship money, I AM not Messiah. and by now, you know I AM. guess what this means. it means you'll do exactly as i say or die. if you have a problem with me forcing life into your Rapidly Aging and God Disconnected Body; it's only because death all you've ever known. never worry; for increasing your life and spirit automatically increases your Calculative Ability (Perception Depth).  

to be clear, the reason you desire an increase in Calculative Ability is to be able to possibly God Connect; which comes with perks, like Immortality (Physical Ascension) and the gift of future prediction. the fastest way to achieve God Connection is via Proper Time Recognition (PTR).

you see. with Severe Mental Retardation being common, no one has ever found The Real meaning of time. the good news is God has given me The Calculative Ability to define it. be legally advised 00) time's Real meaning cannot be found in yesterday's literature 01) no one comprehends time overnight.

time is the only entity holding greater than two properties; physical, Metaphysical and zero(Unlimited Area). to my knowledge, only one of yesterday's Heightened Thinkers was able to PRT (see Infinity). this means; yesterday's most intelligent astrophysicist cannot calculate past limited(physical) time or Reality. and what is known of Reality is mostly limited (yesterday).

Number Comprehend, being trapped in Reality without Calculative Ability makes Proper Time Recognition most difficult. so to get you started, here's a few Simple Facts

00) today is mostly temporary

01) together, tomorrow yesterday compose Reality

02) yesterday houses mostly time decrease (chaos / Backward Progression); tomorrow houses mostly time increase (evolution / Forward Progression)

"do you have any advice as what to do with these facts, I AM?" sure! use them to help never leave Reality. staying firmly grounded helps perceive what comes into view. and instead of praying to a God who loves, but clearly doesn't like you, impress Him by helping yourself first!

Number Comprehend. due to Severely God Disconnected american leaders, I AM here to take over yesterday's Numerically Flawed u.s. government; including military, police and judicial system. know for fact; The Hostile Peacemaker Takeover of Yesterday's America is mandated by Omnipotent God Himself. 

before you waste one more moment of precious time continuing to disbelieve in God, give yourself a Reality check. Self Calculate exactly how multiple unprecedented Natural Phenomenon remain unpredictable despite the use of many sophisticated manmade weather detection devices designed by yesterday's top physicists.

now i know a bunch of yall already desire a split between government and Us. that timeplaces you on The Right track. but there is one small problem. you see. you have enough sense to see the government as Backward. yet you worship money; ignore facts and support not Right. so in Reality, you is no different than the government.

like the u.s. government, The People too will surrender to Omnipotent God under Divine Order or die. i hear that because i tell people that they is going to die, i hurt people's feelings. to that i say, tough! i will care about 'people's feelings' as soon as people's feelings stop people from dying. until thenthe days of ignoring or getting upset with me because i speak about your death are days​ you can no longer afford! capeesh?!

as a more intelligent nation, every responsible adult has a few new primary objectives; comprehend 00) Omnipotent God is Real 01) Omnipotence is not human 02) Omnipotence dwells outside what you know as physical time.

once you accept these facts, it'll be easier to accept why i describe Omnipotent God as Mercifully Cruel. He enjoys human pain & suffering; but The Path to avoid pain & suffering has always been. so any pain felt today was properly addressed yesterday by God; tomorrow.

what I AM trying to say is you've been on your own since birth. so it's up to you to accept that no puny human has the ability to protect you from God! not even me. my only purpose is to make it easier for you to accept that the only path to possible Immortality comes via Continuous Self Sacrifice. that's Right! one holding no nobility never Ascends.

my advice to yesterday's american mortal facing Rapid Death is do not despair! 100+% of the puny human population has been dying for well over a million earthyearswhy is it when an Immortal speaks openly about mortality, everybody wanna act like they ain't spent their entire life expecting to die?

well i hate to disturb your sleep; but government mandated health insurance proves everyone gets sick. and the smartest, most able have at least one​ so-called life insurance policy on just about everyone in the family. therefore miss me with The BS and grow some backbone when it comes to speaking openly about your death.

the moral of the story is; never fear what cannot change. or can it? is there time to Develop Immortality? and if Immortality requires Proper Time Recognition, is it safe to say that all that ever matters isn't black, white or blue?

as usual, i leave yesterday to Properly Prepare tomorrow for those that make it. i can tell you Right nowtomorrow is Heaven. and Heaven is to die for! the only thing left now is; i need to know. is you with me or against me?

if you is with me, you will 

00) support The Hostile Peacemaker Takeover of Yesterday's America (stand by for instruction)

01) follow me to tomorrow @BSSplitter on twitter and instagram

02) tell everyone you know that The Messiah is here


​america's first politician able to *claim Diligent Work.

​money must be taken out of the economy in order for most americans to survive Armageddon.