Peacemaker for President

La Resa Edwards

Fellow American,

My name is La Resa Edwards, America’s first Presidential Candidate running in God’s name. How do you know for fact I am truly God’s Representative? That’s easy. Simply witness the Real miracle of *Eternal Sacrifice that started long ago. Physical Ascension Evidence guarantees I am the only candidate endorsed by God.

The two main reasons you haven’t heard of me by now is obviously because 00) I am black 01) God Disconnected American leaders voluntarily choose White Supremacy over God’s Future. Just so you know, voluntarily choosing any timeplace outside God’s Future proves the human host suffers from Severe Mental Retardation. That’s Right. One must have the ability to Number Comprehend (calculate) in order to connect with God. Without Number Comprehension, average citizens remain God Disconnected, thus Divinely unprotected. Divinely unprotected people hold a 100% Rapid & Eternal Death Rate.

For your information, proof of Severe Mental Retardation in America’s average leader is supported by 96% fact. Now you know exactly why I am never executed. 96% fact wielder holds Mental Superiority over 500x greater than that of Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King Jr. combined.


Believe not for one minute I am alive because Satan is merciful. Know without doubt, God’s Representative lives because God is forever All Powerful. Also know, before Humanity sees Infinity, there will be Peace on Blueprint Earth. [So] for as long as I exist, I Eternally Submit to Omnipotent God’s Will. I strongly suggest you do the same. Take it from me. Eternal Submission is key to Dominion (Real power). [&] lemme tell you sum. No Stupid Puny Human ever receives Dominion. Therefore, my Eternal advice is. Be anything but stupid!

Social media information is listed after the 3-part editorial. Please, feel free to contact me anytime.

Thanks and enjoy,

La Resa Edwards
Humanity’s Only Rightful Leader


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