HIDDEN-From the Beginning of Yesterday

Senseless War is physical confrontation of great Metaphysical cost forced onto Gods Innocent Flock for absolutely no  Number Reason; like limited value, land & natural resource acquisition. in order to accomplish a Senseless War victory, most countries employ large armies consisting mostly of retarded fellow countrymen who, if killed, leave behind a significant amount of retarded women and children to dwell in Mostly Negative Circumstance. therefore, whether direct or indirectall Senseless War plagues tomorrows possibly superior human with an ever limiting lifespan of Decreased Brain PotentialSevere God Disconnection and Rapid Death.

if you cross-reference war with Reality (limited time), you will find war has been around as long as the Stupid Puny Human. so if Senseless War dominates puny human existence, is it safe to simply deduct? for the past 1,000,000 or so earthyearsyesterday’s average free-roaming citizen Really belongs in a straitjacket.

let’s say for argument sake; war indeed has always been. how do you know yesterday’s current God Disconnected warmonger uses less brain potential than yesterday’s ancient God Disconnected warmonger? that’s easy once you Number Comprehend. the only way to measure brain potential in Reality is via time recognitionthe greater the host’s respect for timethe greater the brain potential. likewise, the lesser the host’s respect for time, the lesser the brain potential.