HIDDEN-FYI Yesterday’s Christians

next, i intend to sue all formal christian organizations; churches and establishments for timeplacing jesus as Messiah without Physical Ascension Evidence. because YASPH has little to no Self Generated Calculative Ability, YASPH doesn’t know exactly what Physical Ascension Evidence is. so for well over 2000 earthyears, YASPH believe a dead body is capable of producing it. for this limited number reason (lie), yesterday’s average christian believes in jesus’ so-called ‘3day resurrection.’ and believes it qualifies him to be Messiah.

number 00, jesus’ dead body did not physically ascend anywhere. but let’s say for argument sake; it did. jesus is disqualified by dying in the first timeplace. you know what this means; don’t you? this means, very soon every christian will refrain from calling jesus The Messiah. any publication depicting jesus as Messiah will be pulled from every public shelf; including literature and media. a fixed and easy to read disclaimer reading “jesus is not The Messiah and this place is not God’s true representation” will be positioned at the front and back doors of every christian establishment.

God Willing, you is beginning to perceive every day that passes as precious puny human time. and you appreciate the fact that no SPH holds the ability to synthesize it. and since everyone is stupid & puny, no one holds precious time to waste. so if it wastes precious time, it is doomed to remain mortal (outside God’s Future). if it is doomed to remain mortal, it is clinically diagnosed a Mental Retard; thus marked for death; therefore unfit to lead!

those of you who truly believe Yesterday’s America is greater than God’s Future, prepare yourself to face your greatest opponent; God’s Only Legal Representative. it is sure to be a blast!