in Gods’s Future, a day greater than yesterday always exists. so, with no disrespect to yesterday’s lost life, there’s no need to look back. simply look forward to being better prepared next time (evolve). amen.

before Moving Forward, i’d like to go on God’s Future Record by saying to the citizens of Yesterday’s America; Humanity’s Rightful Leader puts time before money. so for the past 5+earthyears of my own Free Will, i sacrifice my precious time voluntarily teaching yesterday’s average american leader how to Properly Protect Americans from Mostly Negative Circumstances (->C); like AEFE.

Accelerated Elemental Force Exchange is The Worldwide Negative Effect of Natural Resource Exploitation & Improperly Mass Produced Manmade Products over significant time. know for fact that AEFE began back when the first Natural Resource was exploited.

the only problem with Natural Resource Exploitation is the Exponential Time Decrease that comes with it. the fact yesterday’s average american supports 24/7 Natural Resource Exploitation is clear Metaphysical Evidence of long-term Nationwide God Disconnection.

Metaphysical God Disconnection (MGD) ensures the human host will remain physically incapable of seeing through Infinity (future prediction). because Infinity holds mostly Metaphysical Property, not being able to see the future in great distance is one thing. however not being able to see Reality [Right now] is sumthing else.

to not be able to physically see what is clearly in front of your face means; you is not only Metaphysically God Disconnected; but Physically God Disconnected (PGD), as well. without Physical God Connection (PGC), the host has no natural Instinct. without Instinct, the host hasn’t the sense to avoid Rapid Death.