HIDDEN-Government & Money

Number Comprehend. due to Severely God Disconnected american leaders, I AM here to take over yesterday’s Numerically Flawed u.s. government; including military, police and judicial system. know for fact; The Hostile Peacemaker Takeover of Yesterday’s America is mandated by Omnipotent God Himself. 

before you waste one more moment of precious time continuing to disbelieve in God, give yourself a Reality check. Self Calculate exactly how multiple unprecedented Natural Phenomenon remain unpredictable despite the use of many sophisticated manmade weather detection devices designed by yesterday’s top physicists.

now i know a bunch of yall already desire a split between government and Us. that timeplaces you on The Right track. but there is one small problem. you see. you have enough sense to see the government as Backward. yet you worship money; ignore facts and support not Right. so in Reality, you is no different than the government.

like the u.s. government, The People too will surrender to Omnipotent God under Divine Order or die. i hear that because i tell people that they is going to die, i hurt people’s feelings. to that i say, tough! i will care about ‘people’s feelings’ as soon as people’s feelings stop people from dying. until thenthe days of ignoring or getting upset with me because i speak about your death are days​ you can no longer afford! capeesh?!

as a more intelligent nation, every responsible adult has a few new primary objectives; comprehend 00) Omnipotent God is Real 01) Omnipotence is not human 02) Omnipotence dwells outside what you know as physical time.

once you accept these facts, it’ll be easier to accept why i describe Omnipotent God as Mercifully Cruel. He enjoys human pain & suffering; but The Path to avoid pain & suffering has always been. so any pain felt today was properly addressed yesterday by God; tomorrow.