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La Resa Edwards hereby guarantees Divine Order represents the only Real path to God’s Future. All other paths, including capitalism, communism, socialism and religion lead to burden; chaos; corruption and a 100% Rapid Death Rate. Any individual supporting God Disconnection and/ or Rapid Death is physically incapable of developing Natural Instinct on her or his own. For this person, merciful God ordains Peacemaker Law.

Peacemaker Law is specifically designed to force Exponential Positive Energy into the Severely God Disconnected human host. And unlike Exponential Negative Energy, which guarantees burden & Rapid Death, Exponential Positive Energy guarantees peace on Blueprint Earth; Increased Brain Potential & lifespan; model citizenship; free 5 star accommodation (Heaven) and Immortality for qualifying Peacemaker citizens.

Principles of Peace supported by God’s Number Reason guarantees Peacemaker Law

The first section lists God’s Principles of Peace, a strictly enforced Peacemaker oath representing a spiritual standard separating Rightful Leader from Satan’s Minion. The second section lists God’s Unchanging Number Reason specifically designed to provide God’s PoPs with Number Support. Keep in mind, the only reason Peacemaker Law is needed is because without Natural Instinct, the hopelessly lost human has no Real way of ever finding God’s Future.

no Innocent Harm for no Number Reason



Self Control

Self Defense (never Aggression)


daily Purpose

Self Sacrifice

Loyalty & Commitment


Equal Fairness


Forgiveness (one time Pardon)




Limit Adversity to Self Infliction

God’s Number Reason

Natural (Wholesome) over Artificial (Synthetic)
Divine Order over Satanic Programming
Compassion over Aggression

tomorrow over yesterday

 Truth over Untruth (Lie)

Positive over Negative
​Right over not Right

Circular over Linear

Fact over Opinion

​Need over Desire

 Help over Hinder

Work over Play​​

Good over Bad

Give over Take

​​​​Many over Few

Peace over War

Child over Adult

Control over Chaos

Courage over Cower

Life over Rapid Death

​Instinct over Free Will

God over Puny Human

Inclusion over Isolation

Balance over Imbalance

Strength over Weakness

time over Monetary Gain

​Cooperation over Resistance

Self Sacrifice over Selfishness

Evolution over Rapid Advancement

Peacemaker Leader over Hopelessly Lost Leader

*See @BSSplitter on Twitter for Number Reason Balance

God’s Number isn’t visible to the God Disconnected Mental Retard stuck mostly in 1st dimension. Therefore, the best way to comprehend exactly how God’s Unchanging Number Reason works is by timeplacing the 1st word of each word pair in the numerator or top number of a fraction. Out of 2 possible numbers, give it great value, like 2. In this example, 2 represents Greater Than. Now, timeplace the 2nd word of each word pair in the denominator or bottom number. Out of 2 possible numbers, give it least value, like 1. 1 represents Less Than. Notice how words change, and numbers do not.

You are looking at Simple Fraction 2/1 (2 over 1). If you don’t know 2 is greater than 1, do The Math. Your quotient is always going to be a whole or Real Number. Whole Number supported circumstances are most likely to properly produce the Greater [than] Reality [side]. The Greater the Reality, the closer to Heaven.

Test God’s Unchanging Number Reason by giving great value to the Less Than Reality side. Timeplace 1 in the numerator and 2 in the denominator, 1/2 (1 over 2). If you don’t know 1 is less than 2, do The Math. Your quotient is always going to be a partial or Illusionary Number. Partial Number supported circumstances are most likely to properly produce the Less Than Reality. The lesser the Reality, the closer to Hell.

Fact is: the more one calculates God’s Number Reason; the more one Number Comprehends God’s Principles of Peace. The more one Number Comprehends God’s Principles of Peace; the more one absolves. The more one absolves; the better one behaves. And when mostly model citizens dwell in a region over significant time, Rapid Death precursors like Severe Mental Retardation and Stupid Puny Human Weakness are most likely to never plague humanity; again.


If Divine Order is guaranteed to be the only way to make America great for the very first time, and you is over 30 earthyears and don’t donate to or support La Resa Edwards for Peacemaker President, yet you claim to “love America;” you are a Mentally Retarded anti-American in Reality. Therefore, do Us Balanced a favor and stop wasting precious time (kill yourself)!

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