HIDDEN-Leader’s of Yesterday

judging by andrew, katrina, sandy, harvey, irma and maria, it’s safe to simply deduct; God Disconnected american citizens remain in danger. if citizen is endangered and Improperly Protected, leader is unfit.

take barack obama for example. i offered him the opportunity to begin Properly Preparing Yesterday’s God Disconnected America back in 2012. he Publicly Refused. but had he not, Negative Effects stemming from most of america’s ->C would be sharply reduced by now.

wake up, america! your leaders have always been severely God Disconnected. and if God Disconnection is the best america’s got, it’s no wonder all americans die in pain & suffering! listen to me very carefully. Ignoring Reality does nothing but ensure americans will be Improperly Protected when eventually comes. and eventually always comes! capeesh!?

believe when i say; if american leaders had an ounce of sense, america would already be under Proper Protection (God’s Divine Order). under Divine Order, potential AEFE Victim packs up and temporarily / permanently moves someplace fancy at a relatively low cost to fellow americans ‘before impact.’ instead, rescue workers and / or help ‘after impact‘ is needed. keep in mind. help after impact disrupts more lives and uses more natural resources.

just so you know, barack is way more intelligent than donald. so america’s Improperly Protected status could never be only donald’s fault. believe w​hen i say; donald is so Mentally Retarded that if yesterday was tomorrow, he’s a pet with a chain around his neck.