Proper Self-Protection

is Proper Self-Protection possible?

as america’s first Immortal & Model Citizen, I AM living proof that Proper Self-Protection without the government is possible. however Proper Protection without God is Impossible! therefore living without God means death. let’s stop Right here.

I AM curious as to exactly why you perceive the government as more powerful than God. “i don’t think the government is more powerful than God! i go to worship and i pray.” shut your Stupid ASS mouth. and save your Stupidity for your Mentally Retarded friends. every red blooded capitalist worships money. and money controls the u.s. government.

if you don’t worship money, I AM not Messiah. and by now, you know I AM; so guess what this means. this means; you will do exactly as i say or you will die. if you have a problem with me forcing life into your Rapidly Aging body and God Disconnected soul, it’s only because all you know for fact is death. never worry; for saving your life and spirit includes increasing your Calculative Ability (Perception Depth).