HIDDEN-Since We Are Still Living in Yesterday, We Have No Future

so for God’s Future Record, was it not for God Disconnection; the neighbors we lost to AEFE since​ 2012 would still be alive. and even if by sum unfortunate chance, harm or death was to befall a Properly Protected fellow american, free high quality Mental & Physical medical attention is provided; forever​.

but Yesterday’s America isn’t Really under God. is it? Yesterday’s America is under the u.s. constitution where money comes before​ everything. matter fact; and correct me if I AM not Right; but the u.s. government mandates its separation from God. so as an Improperly Protected Model Citizen (Peacemaker) under the u.s. constitution, i have to fund my own AEFE displacement. and if i cannot avoid Rapid Death or afford to place myself in high quality, all​ I AM to expect is a death certificate or a small spot in an uncomfortable shelter and a cold sandwich; maybe.

you gotta be kidding me! let me be the first presidential candidate to guarantee that tomorrow’s Model Citizen dwells in a nation truly under God. and under God, Rapid Death and subpar comfort for Model Citizen displaced by AEFE or otherwise is illegal.

until God’s Divine Order is Properly Implemented, yesterday’s Improperly Protected American Citizen faces a rise in Natural Catastrophe. so if as a free thinking nation knowing without doubt that we is Improperly Protected and no area is guaranteed safe; it’s up to us to Properly Protect ourselves.