HIDDEN-The Messiah

Decreased Brain Potential is unlimited number supported by Negative Evolution; God’s Signature. Negative Evolution is exactly why it never dawns on anyone that anything mostly backward limits The Metaphysical fabric of all physical existence from the beginning.​​

so to see or not to see is the question. if you see, you know holding the ability to sight backward is most beneficial. so lemme ask you sum. can you see backward? now don’t get offended. but because i dwell mostly forward, i can assure you. bothering to timeplace yourself when I AM is complete timewaste. for you is mostly a product of yesterday. so you can’t see shit.

look, i ain’t gon lie. no ​creative feat can simulate the disdain i feel for people who voluntarily refuse to Accept Fact; yet suffer in Reality. matter fact, it would be a boldfaced lie, if i said; i can wait for YASPH to go extinct.

“i tire of your rhetoric, la resa The Rightful. you’re smart. i’ll give you that. but you ain’t proved shit. and you certainly ain’t the most forward person in Reality.” oh yeah? you sure about that? first of all, “them sound like fightin’ words.” second, if Infinite Calculation has ever been, would there be a 96-99.9% chance that between 96-99.9% of the entire human population remains without the ability to see Infinity?​

while I AM on the subject, let’s get it over with. most americans believe jesus is Messiahwhile others believe people, like martin luther king jr have Messiah potential. I AM here to legally contend that neither jesus nor mlk is in fact Messiah.

subjects qualifying for Messiah will frequently reach and return from God’s Future. the only wayone knows in fact one has breached God’s Future is with Metaphysical Ascension Evidence; like confirmed future prediction. and Physical Ascension Evidence is the only way to confirm return. the one providing  frequent Metaphysical & Physical Ascension Evidence first is Messiah.

this prosecution rests on the fact that; ’tis true; both men hold Metaphysical Ascension Evidence proving God’s Future breach. i especially appreciate jesus’ prediction of Human Immortality (Everlasting Life). but no matter what you believe; and no matter how much your heart burns; you simply must accept that neither man holds evidence proving return.