to be clear, the reason you desire an increase in Calculative Ability is to be able to possibly God Connect; which comes with perks, like Immortality (Physical Ascension) and the gift of future prediction. the fastest way to achieve God Connection is via Proper Time Recognition (PTR).

you see. with Severe Mental Retardation being common, no one has ever found The Real meaning of time. the good news is God has given me The Calculative Ability to define it. be legally advised 00) time’s Real meaning cannot be found in yesterday’s literature 01) no one comprehends time overnight.

time is the only entity holding greater than two properties; physical, Metaphysical and zero(Unlimited Area). to my knowledge, only one of yesterday’s Heightened Thinkers was able to PRT (see Infinity). this means; yesterday’s most intelligent astrophysicist cannot calculate past limited(physical) time or Reality. and what is known of Reality is mostly limited (yesterday).

Number Comprehend, being trapped in Reality without Calculative Ability makes Proper Time Recognition most difficult. so to get you started, here’s a few Simple Facts

00) today is mostly temporary

01) together, tomorrow yesterday compose Reality

02) yesterday houses mostly time decrease (chaos / Backward Progression); tomorrow houses mostly time increase (evolution / Forward Progression)

do you have any advice as what to do with these facts, I AM?” sure! use them to help never leave Reality. staying firmly grounded helps perceive what comes into view. and instead of praying to a God who loves, but clearly doesn’t like you, impress Him by helping yourself first!