HIDDEN-Yesterday & Tomorrow

now you can appreciate exactly why Number Comprehension is key to God’s Future​. it’s needed to properly recognize the 2 distinct sides dominating Reality. take yesterday and tomorrow for example. yesterday is saturated with chaostomorrow, human behavior is governed by highly encouraged Self Control. so there is no need to be burdened by military or police.

and as tomorrow’s only knower, i guarantee every adult indulgence holds possibility; as long as it falls under God’s Principles of Peace. so, no. a mostly responsible adult of 30+ earthyears will never even consider molesting a child; but absolutely can smoke crack responsibly.

The Mostly Responsible Peacemaker Law is but one pillar supporting tomorrow; a time that, until nowwas considered Unrealistic. then again, how could a nation of misdiagnosed Spiritually Diseased people possibly comprehend that the path to tomorrow is paved with normality. Normal Human Behavior (NHB) is achieved via self generated Open God Connection (OGC). the higher the connection, the more normal the behavior.

those holding the highest God Connection can surround themselves with unlimited Controlled & Uncontrolled Substances, like marijuana; cocaine; delicious natural & artificial food made with excess salt, sugar and fat; guns; money; alcohol; sex; etc. not only will a connected person never over indulge; but participate only when needed.

God Willing,  you’ll one day Number Comprehend exactly how short a healthy life cycle of 120 earthyears Really is. maybe then you’ll appreciate why depriving normally behaved (model) citizens of well-deserved Divine desire is cruel. more importantly, you’ll finally know why sitting idly while controlably chaotic shit, like rape; sex/ human trafficking and illegal organ harvesting continues to keep you outside God’s Future.

i know SMR makes Simple Fact Acceptance hard. but you absolutely must Number Comprehend. humanity has devolved to the timepoint of Epidemic Retardation. how intelligent is it to hold a 100% Rapid & Eternal Death Rate and not work like hell to solve nothing but this problem? imagine how frustrating it is to discover Immortality and desire to give it freely to defenseless mortals without enough natural ability to sense death. now you know exactly why americans voluntarily consume life threatening GMO products and lead-laced water every americanday.