HIDDEN-Yesterday’s Leader Hold No Proof

The Messiah is specifically designed to remain. and both jesus and mlk are dead. so without Physical Ascension Evidence, it must be legally concluded that neither man is Messiah. fyi, the most time damaging crime against humanity was teaching that a Messiah Is Real without proof!

the fact i provide frequent Metaphysical & Physical Ascension Evidence, and no other candidate comes close, yet I AM not properly recognized as Messiah is MINDBOGGLING. i say; could the fact you spend most your precious time calculating limitation support your mental & physical instability (Rapid Death)?

now pay close attention 00) one who never sees Infinity dies missing out on Reality 01) no one tolerates Infinity without first mastering Reality 02) Infinity is a timeplace of unlimited physical property 03) all physicality, including Metaphysical is limited in Timespacethe limitation difference being in Reality, unlimited physical property is limited; and in Infinityunlimited physical property is unlimited. therefore, if your physical property is mostly limited, you want your limit [to be] Infinite.