HIDDEN-Your Only Rightful Leader is Here

if you want to know exactly why you haven’t mastered limitation by nowclick hereand hereand herehell, with so much precious time​​ wasted on limitation, one would be inclined to believe YASPH actually know how to synthesize it. oh, before i forget. sumone please do me a Really big favor. and tell yesterday’s average so-called Heightened Thinker to forget about trying to comprehend Infinity. what dummy wastes significant time dwelling on the sky, but can’t get his Stupid ASS off the ground?

“so what exactly are you saying, la resa The Rightful?”

I AM saying, as God’s Only Legal Representative, i’ve enough physical evidence to support the immediate removal of the u.s. constitution & government. for i can prove that under the u.s. constitution & government, america’s socioeconomic infrastructure will always produce ASS Backwardness; Negative Evolution and time decrease for all.

i can also prove Social ASS Backwardness will always result in Stupid Puny Human Weakness; Severe Mental Retardation and God Disconnection. therefore, starting with barack obama and his “staff at the time,” i intend to sue every living & dead government employee for failing to Properly Recognize The Messiah and God’s Number Reason from the beginning; which includes voluntarilytimeplacing time decrease (opinion) before time increase (fact), yesterday (adult) before tomorrow(child) and few (white race) before many (all races).

i also intend to prove that, I AM the only living heir to God’s Throne; as such, Humanity’s Only Rightful Leader. I AM here to claim my Rightful timeplace as holder of God’s All Powerful Position. if I AM not immediately recognized and given Dominion, 100% of america’s entire human population will meet Rapid & Eternal Death.​

Stand by for further lawsuit details and access to live footage of

The Hostile Peacemaker Takeover of Yesterday’s America