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if new to my site; i suggest reading S.P.H.W. and White Supremacy In America first. these two short articles introduce Metaphysicality & Spirituality. 

like all PANDEMICS; Covid 19 is a Worldwide Natural Disaster. just about every country is socioeconomically afflicted. however, most 'correctly reporting' countries manage to keep their Rapid Death or Exponential Physical Time Decrease (XPXD) Numbers relatively low. one country reporting the highest XPXD is; of course, the United States. Clearly identifying it as today's most TIME Challenged Country.

surely, Humans have no record of Widespread Heightened Mentalities. so it's likely Humanity has always been TIME Challenged. this explains why every so often a PANDEMIC kills millionswhy all civilizations fall. and why we now face Extinction.  

the only way to POSSIBLY avoid Extinction and PANDEMICS like Covid 19 is by developing or Evolving Extrasensory Perception (ESP) in most People. theoretically; if many predicted the future; there'd be few future PROBLEMS. but because no one is foresighted; the notion of nationwide foresight is promptly dismissed. nonetheless, not only is Widespread Heightened Mentality POSSIBLE. it's relatively easy given TIME and My Leadership! 

widespread foresight
widespread foresight

how can the Godgift of foresight be granted to one Person; let alone many? put it this way. the only reason no leader has ever established Widespread ESP certainly isn't because it's IMPOSSIBLE. it's because of Mentality's lack of limited or Physical Property.

Humanity's greatest challenge is by far its limitation to 5 Physical Senses. now; don't get me not Right. having 5 fully functional Physical Senses is a blessing. but Metaphysicalities surround us at all TIMES. more importantly, whether we Sense them or not; Metaphysicalities will always act according to their Unlimited Properties. 

i know you're wondering; how do i know these things? well, it's like this. i have a few Heightened Mentalities. one of my strongest being my Sense of TIME. and, once i Realized all People with fully Functional Brains can be trained to foresee; i began extensively researching into Unlimitation. that was over 22 earthyears ago.

after decades of witnessing Unlimitation consistently UNCHANGE; i Find Fact Acceptance is the first step to Heightened Mentality. and for foresight to POSSIBLY spread nationwide; Fact Acceptance must be 'the norm!' by the way, it is for this reason that all 30+ earthyear olds must pass a Reality Comprehension Course. those that fail go directly to jail where they'll receive Immediate Divine Intervention (Positive Psychological Influence).

btw, avoiding Extinction is not the main reason every Human should Comprehend Reality. Reality is essential because Metaphysicality always has and always will dominate Physicality. take Gravity for example. it obviously lacks Physical Property. yet; we Comprehend it enough to build high rises; airplanes and satellites.

Personally, i Find it Mindboggling how everyone Comprehends Gravity. howeverno one Comprehends TIME. TIME should have been Comprehended long before Gravity. why? well, put it this way. as powerful as we know it to be; Gravity needs TIME to Exist. Revealing, TIME as not only the most powerful Metaphysicality on Blueprint Earth; but throughout all Physicality.  

according to my Calculations; Humanity has always been TIME Challenged. but, for the Life of me; i can't respect why. Clearly, there was never enough for confusion. however, i can imagine how intimidating Reality might be; especially for beginners. therefore, via my initiative; my Predictions (GOD'S Will) continuously grant Humanity a safe and secure future. meaning; from now on there's always hope. so there shouldn't be anyone getting upset for failing to foresee; Right away.

i just explained exactly how Humanity will avoid Extinction. more importantly, i explained exactly why; after 10 earthyears of free Life-saving information, most People continue to Ignore Reality. just Accept that as long as Reality is ignored; the U.S. will remain Improperly Prepared. thanks for sharing your precious time. if you appreciate the Positive Psychological Influence you just received; click donate tab at the top. and give to the La Resa Edwards Peacemaker 4 President Campaign. or purchase an 11:59 t-shirt (to come). don't forget to fill out the contact form. also, always remember; if i wasn't ignored; most dead People would be alive & happy; Right now.

Praise GOD! 

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