Mon. Oct 22nd, 2018

Hate Trump? Want 02 Remove Him From Office?

Reality reveals; regardless of race, gender or sexual preference; Satan’s Minion remains hidden amongst GOD'S Chosen. so if Chosen is few; Most People worship Satan. for this reason, before Divine Order can be Properly Implemented, THE MESSIAH must Legally expose to GOD'S Chosen exactly who Satan’s Minion is.


for GOD'S Future Record, due to Severely Underdeveloped Sensory Perception (SUSP), Mind & Spirit Diseased Citizens have absolutely no idea as to exactly what Reality is or will be. this Metaphysical (unseen) Condition plagues between 96 - 99% of the entire Human Population. it is this same condition that usually misleads [mostly] male leaders into suffering The False GOD Complex; arguably The Most Severe Mental Disorder (Metaphysical Brain Disease) in Existence.

as GOD'S Only Legal Representative, THE MESSIAH GUARANTEES a few things. first, Metaphysicality is not only Real; but dominates Physicality. Donald Trump has never heard the word Metaphysicality. and under both The Absence of Metaphysicality and the leadership of Donald Trump, no American will ever develop Immortality. in Fact, every single Mortal (GOD Disconnected) Person will Die in Pain & Suffering.


Truly Desire Immortality?

Support GOD'S Hostile Peacemaker Takeover now!


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