You’re Going Extinct Rapidly in Yesterday’s Time

if one knows for fact each life literally takes many multiple million, perhaps billion or even trillion earthyears to get Right here, and if it is possible that each life is specifically designed, could one continue disrespecting time and be in Right mind? just in case I AM humanity’s only Real Heightened Thinker, the last time i checked, a Mental Retard cannot increase time. exactly what does this mean?

now, i know. I AM cursed with a painfully logical disposition. so only Increased Brain Potential holders appreciate my work as art. but no matter which side of your brain dominates, always​ remember. my Real goal is to get you to Number Comprehend.

next, i want you to accept the fact that due to long-term Unfit American Leadership, instead of a senseless Rapid Death sentence limited mostly to military personnel, yesterday’s average Stupid Puny Human faces extinction. let’s stop Right here.

facing extinction for absolutely no Number Reason is an UNACCEPTABLE future module for innocent civilian and warmonger, alike; simply because no​ Stupid Puny Human sees Heaven (tomorrow). this means you need time to learn how to possibly increase time (please God). do you dumb military and Senseless War-supporting Fucks comprehend exactly what I AM saying? 

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