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there are a few things People should always remember

00)  Reality includes Timespace; Metaphysicality and Physicality 

01)   like Timespace, Metaphysicality is an Unseen Reality

02)  Stupid Puny Humans have been Dying Without a Complete Comprehension of Reality for over 01 million earthyears

though common, Reality Ignorance (the American dream) is Abnormal (BACKWARD). and if one's [political] leader chooses ignorance; like Benign Neglect for example, one's leader is Clinically Retarded. period! by The Way, there is no need for grown ASS adults to take offense when it comes to My Words. in Fact, the sooner one Accepts Reality, the faster one Calculates; Finds Solutions; Moves FORWARD and Evolves. Praise GOD!

Reality also includes physical time decrease. and things like Deforestation, Nuclear Threat and Mental Retardation decrease physical time exponentially. according to My Calculation, over 96% of America's entire Population Ignores exponential physical time decrease; every day.  there's only one PROBLEM. Reality isn't going anywhere! so ignoring it is Most BACKWARD (Unintelligent). now you know exactly why Animals & Insects have Instinct. and Stupid Puny Humans do not!

as GOD'S General, I GUARANTEE. you Stupid Muthafuckas had better stop Believing Bullshit; lies and Numeric Flaw! what you need to do is Number Comprehend! "why should i listen to YOU? YOU are a False Prophet!" well, it's like this. I AM currently the only one whose Spirit is Healthy enough to survive Facing GOD. and as long as I Remain Obedient; I Dwell in tomorrow's Physical timezone. so i alone will always Know What's going to happen yesterday; making me EVERYONE'S Savior! this means; even if I Really AM not; I AM! capeesh!?

​yes; puny human. I AM THE MESSIAH. and i can tell you one Fucking thing! I AM beyond tired of time decrease imposed by few Stupid, ugly corpses! so i've been Challenging all Yesterday's World Leaders for almost 7 earthyears; now. i've wagered as low as $10,000 USD and as much as $110,000,000. to this dayno leader faces me. you know what this means; don't you? this means every Single Leader in Yesterday's World is a spineless Punk Bitch! "my leader is not a Punk Bitch; La Resa!" ya leader's a Fucking Dick-in-the-booty ASS faggot! go tell your Pussy ASS Leader I SAID IT!!


oh, by The Way, before any Punk ASS Leader Wages Senseless War anywhere else on My Fucking Planet; face me first or get shot in your Punk ASS face / head!!

i, la resa edwards, Eternally challenge all hopelessly lost leaders. I AM willing to take you all on at once! include your finest mathematicians. every challenger wages $110,000,000,000 USD. winner takes all.



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