Wed. Nov 21st, 2018


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Comprehending that GOD & TIME has always been is not Rocket Science. but trying to get Stupid (Mentally Retarded) Puny Humans to Accept Facts is like pulling teeth! they actually prefer Illusion over Reality. but there's a Problem with Illusion because Reality isn't going anywhere. no matter what! so Ignoring Reality is Highly Unintelligent (Retarding). now you know exactly why Animals & Insects exhibit Clear Instinct (High Intelligence) from birth and humans do not. 

fortunately, GOD's Information is so simple; Small Children grasp it. however Most People find Mental Retardation is so severe that i've when it comes to TIME; not one Person is ready to Die.

Right now; especially not your Stupid ASS leader. and as God's General, you damn-well had better stop believing The Bullshit out in these fake ASS streets. and start confirming what The Fuck i say! you got that? "why should anyone listen to you?" cause I AM the only one who knows. that makes me your Savior. and even if i Really am not, i stay so far ahead. that I AM. capeesh?

yes, puny human. I AM The Messiah. this means. I AM the only one physically capable of wielding God's Unlimited Number; making me the most powerful person on Blueprint Earth. and i can tell you one damned thing. I AM beyond tired of being physically stuck in limited time; governed by a few Stupid ASS, ugly walking corpses!

what you don't know is i've been challenging all world leaders almost 7 earthyears; now. i've waged as low as $10,000 USD and as much as $110,000,000. to this dayno leader will face me. this means. all leaders in Yesterday's World are spineless punks. "my leader is not a punk!" ya Stupid ASS leader's a Fucking dick suckin punk! go tell your pussy ASS leader. I SAID IT!!

​if you believe I AM afraid of any one of you, you've obviously got me mistaken! the only leader i have a smidgen of respect for is Vladimir Putin. and that is only because God makes me. but let this be your last mistake. every Stupid Puny Human (mortal) will submit to my leadership. the sooner, the better for you. Number Comprehend. i have already Qualified for Ascension. and i continuously prove it with physical evidence.

once again, and before any Hopelessly Lost Leader wages Senseless War against another Hopelessly Lost Leader, i say. face The Messiah publicly, first!

i, la resa edwards, formally challenge all Hopelessly Lost Leaders, including donald dump; kim jong un; xi jinping; vladimir putin; moon jae-in and all subsequent human others. I AM willing to take all of you on at once! include your finest mathematicians. every challenger wages $110,000,000,000 USD. winner takes all. 



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