Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

got enough Sense to Question Reality? you is in The Right timeplace


my name is la resa edwards. I AM THE MESSIAH; welcome to Reality 0101


i was blown away as a Small Child when i heard People could actually Mind-Bend spoons and move objects. the first thing i did was Calculate for myself. and I Found Heightened Mentalities are POSSIBLE! so the next thing i did was pray. "oh FATHER! if YOU Love me; YOU'LL zap me with Heightened Mentality!" lol

needless to say, several decades passed. and i couldn't bend one spoon. then eventually dawned on me. if GOD doesn't give it; Figure Out how to get it!

i began searching Reality for answers. i chose Reality because it made the most Sense. almost immediately, i was confronted with a huge PROBLEM. Mentality is Unseen. how does one Find The Unseen without any leads? i had enough Sense to know that TIME is always limited. so i spent each free moment Accepting every Fact i encountered.

according to My Calculation, visible Motion was a result of Physical Brain Function (PBF). so i fugured, invisible Motion must be a result of Metaphysical Brain Function (MBF). and if 96+% of all People hold absolutely no Metaphysical Ability; most People must have Metaphysical Brain Disease (MBD)!

what yesterday's average Stupid Puny Human cannot conceive is The Fact that Metaphysicality has always been. so, if Metaphysicality is Real yet Undiscovered; every brain remains Severely Underdeveloped. and, if The Metaphysical Brain is underdeveloped; surely The Physical Brain is; too. 

My Conclusion Finds The Number [Supported] Reason most People have no Heightened Mentality is because most People are disconnected from their Metaphysical Brain. And, because it develops things like Sensory Perception; Unhealthy MBF GUARANTEES Cognition will decrease. GOD calls [this] BACKWARD Mental Development (Negative Evolution) DBP (Decreased Brain Potential); Alzheimer's / Dementia precursor.

it is obvious. these Highly Communicable Metaphysical Brain Diseases are Contracted by People who Ignore Reality and Fail to Self Calculate over significant physical time; which is 96+% of the entire Human Population (Pandemic). amen.


how to cure DBP?



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