Wed. Nov 21st, 2018


got enough Sense to Question Reality? you in The Right timeplace


my name is la resa edwards. welcome to Reality 0101


i was a Small Child when i heard People could actually bend spoons with their Minds. i was blown away. the first thing i did was Calculate. Heightened Mentality Is POSSIBLE. the next thing i did was pray. "Oh Father! if YOU love me; YOU'D zap me with Heightened Mentality; too! needless to say, several decades passed. and i couldn't bend one spoon. but instead of giving up [on HIM], i waited. eventually it dawned on me. if i want sum from GOD; i have to Figur Out how to get it!

In Reality, TIME (GOD) is all that ever Matters. so until I Figured Out how to Please HIM; i spent every free moment Calculating. equation 00, if Heightened Mentality is Real; why is it only few tap into it? since i was obviously dealing with The Unseen or Invisible; I Figured. if i wanted to See Metaphysicality; i should at least Comprehend Physicality.

by my Calculations. if there are Countless Brain Functions that yield Physical Motion; there must also be Countless Brain Functions that yield Metaphysical Motion.

The Fact Metaphysicality is Clearly Real yet undiscovered means no one knows exactly what humans are Capable of; which is terrible considering Metaphysicality has always been. so, if The Average Brain is only 4% Cognitive. the rest either lays dormant or is so piss-poor that GOD Specifically Designed Incognizant Brain Functions to Physically sustain its life.

Most People have Severely Underdeveloped Sensory Perception (see S.U.S.P.). SUSP develops or Negatively Evolves when The Human Mental Activity Decreases for significant time. according to my Calculations, Decreased Brain Potential (DBP) is Metaphysically Contracted by People who Ignore Reality. it's Highly Communicable. and in Infects over 96% of the entire Human Population.


how to cure yourself of DBP



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