Mon. Oct 22nd, 2018

Satan’s Minion

Without natural ability to develop High Human Instinct (HLHI), YASPH unwittingly commits suicide blindly following Satan's plan of rapid time decrease. Therefore by legal definition, Satan's Minion is any leader, including Heightened Thinker or Receptor purposely misleading all humanity to an ever time decreasing Fraction of Reality.

Unfortunately, dwelling without knowing exactly what God has to offer dooms the host to never Realize Physical Ascension (Immortality) is possible. As Messiah, I personally guarantee Immortality is Real. So coming to Blueprint Earth just to die without it makes life worthless. And if to this day you remain in jeopardy of dying a [God Disconnected] mortal, who do you believe is at fault?


So how does one go about getting Satan's Minion out of office?


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