Spirit Retardation

What Is The Difference Between Physical and Metaphysical Retardation?

first of all, the yet to be Recognized Metaphysical Brain helps its host maintain Brainbody integrity. and like The Physical Brain; The Metaphysical Brain has a Central Command with Satellite Stations. however, unlike its physical partner; The Metaphysical Brain is composed mostly of Metaphysical Property that's Responsible for connecting Metaphysicality (Unlimitation) to Physicality (limitation).

before we discuss any type of retardation; 'The Mind' and 'Mentality' must Be Completely discerned. to Be Clear; what we've been taught is The Mind is Really a network of Physical Metaphysical Brain Functions (Mentalities) controlled by Metaphysical Metaphysical Brain Functions (Spiritualities). Mentalities, like Calculation and Memory, are Cognizant (controllable). Spiritualities, like Compassion and Responsibility are Incognizant (uncontrollable).

unseen activity

unfortunately, both Mentalities and Spiritualities are unseen. so it's not surprising that much about them remains unknown. we barely Know The Human Brain; let alone Human Mentality. and Human Spirituality has yet to be discovered. this explains why Metaphysicality and Physicality is often confused.

i find Mental Retardation to be the hardest Metaphysical Symptom to Diagnose. but basically, the easiest way to decipher between physical damage and retardation is by analyzing the resulting Abnormal Human Behaviors or omegas. Abnormal Physical Omegas differ from Abnormal Metaphysical Omegas. for example, what is now Diagnosed as Mental Retardation is Really an omega of Physical Brain Damage.

cerebral palsy
cerebral palsy

Abnormal Physical Omegas are Specific to Abnormal Physical Alphas. likewise, Abnormal Metaphysical Omegas are Specific to Abnormal Metaphysical Alphas. the most noticeable difference between Abnormal Physicality and Abnormal Metaphysicality is Self Control. Physically Physical Abnormality is usually uncontrollable. and Physically Metaphysical Abnormality is usually controllable. unfortunately, most Abnormal Physically Metaphysical Omegas also have Abnormal Metaphysically Metaphysical Alphas. so Controllable Metaphysical Omegas are completely out of Self Control. 

mental retard

unlike Physical Brain Damage, all Metaphysical Diseases Negatively Affect The Physical Metaphysical Brain. by the way, it is The Physical Metaphysical Brain that controls our Mentalities; not The Physical Brain. in other words, The Physical Brain has absolutely nothing to do with Mental Retardation; which is in Fact an inability to Calculate; Reason; Comprehend Reality and Recognize TIME / FORWARD.

Physical Metaphysical Brain Capability is controlled by Metaphysicalities called Spirits. a FORWARD Spirit is simply a GOD Connected Metaphysicality. a BACKWARD Spirit (Demon), is simply a GOD Disconnected Metaphysicality. this means; Mental Retards may or may not be Spirit Retards (uncontrolled GOD Disconnection). take ADD for example. many ADD sufferers do not volunteer to be GOD Disconnected.


Spirit Retardation is typically an Abnormal Metaphysical Omega due to Metaphysically Metaphysical Brain Disease. this Person may or may not be a Mental Retard. take Selfishness for example. most Selfish People voluntarily disconnect themselves from GOD. so where ADD Suffers cannot sit still. Selfish People "don't care!"

exactly whom to blame for retardation when Puny Human Instinct hasn't Evolved past Low Level for over one million earthyears? if most People [Pandemic] were not Physically & Metaphysically Retarded; we could engage in conversations about how Fact Acceptance Cures all Mind & Spirit Disease. 




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