S. U. S. P.

As it is with leader, so it is with citizen. Widespread Severe Mental Retardation leaves the human host Spiritually Disconnected from God, themselves, the environment and beyond. Without spirituality, the rapidly aging human host is guaranteed to dwell with Severely Underdeveloped Sensory Perception (SUSP). Humans with SUSP never tap into 3 major Metaphysical chambers holding high levels of human instinct located deep within God’s human brain.

After discovering facts yet to be considered common, like yesterday’s average Stupid Puny Human (YASPH) uses less than 4% Cognitive Brain Function (CBF) and dwells in yesterday’s viciously malignant world of long-term Negative Evolution, I’ve concluded that under yesterday’s average hopelessly lost leader, the Natural Human Instinct Development (NHID) of YASPH never surpasses low level (LLHI), the untaught urge to survive/ procreate.

What Reality lies beyond the limitation of YASPH remains unfathomable. For, by my calculation, a good example of Moderate Level Human Instinct (MLHI), the untaught urge to properly recognize time, is the Ancient African, Mayan and other civilizations who left Physical Timespace Traveling Evidence behind. 


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